Customs & Excise Department
Saint Lucia

Importation of Goods

Importation Procedure

The Customs law requires that all goods imported (except those listed below) require a declaration (Entry) to be made by the importer. This declaration can also be made by an authorized agent of the importer.

In making a declaration the importer or his agent must access the department's Asycuda World system through our website. Access to the broker module of this site for making the declaration is only on an authorized basis since users must be properly trained in the use of the system.

The importer makes his/her declaration electronically, registers and pays the duties where applicable. The declaration is then submitted for selectivity. The declaration may be given one of three lanes:

Where goods on a declaration is afforded exemptions of duty through a Cabinet Conclusion or other statutory authority, that declaration will go through the Concessions officer for verification prior to clearance of the goods contained therein.

Goods exempt from making a declaration (Entry) are:

  1. Fresh fish (including shell fish) caught by St.Lucia fishermen and imported by them in their vessel;
  2. Passenger's accompanied baggage.

Note: Where a declaration is false in any material particular the importer may be liable to penalties.

For more information please contact Customs and Excise Department.

Required Documents

The following documents must accompany the Customs Entry: