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All persons entering the country are required by law to declare to Customs anything contained in their baggage, or carried with them, which has been obtained outside of St. Lucia. Passengers are also required to answer all questions asked by the Customs officer relating to their travels, baggage, its contents and other items being imported.

Customs declaration forms are distributed at ports of entry and exit, airline and ship's agent offices. It is advisable to fill out your declaration in advance of arrival in order to expedite your Customs/Immigration clearance. Completion of the form requires a listing of items brought with you (whether purchased or not) and their prices. This includes gifts for other persons, articles carried for other persons, articles for sale, and commercial samples. This does not include your personal effects. The purchase price of articles may be declared in the currency of the country of purchase.

For duty purposes the value to be used will be the price paid or payable for the article. The officer will convert the amount to EC dollars and will give you an indication of the amount of duty payable. Misinformation can result in delays and penalties. Articles imported in excess of your exemption are subject to applicable duties.

Baggage Exemptions

The personal effects of a passenger, carried in his/her baggage or on his/her person which he/she might reasonably be expected to carry with him/her for his/her own regular and private use, which are so declared and passed as such by the proper officer and in which in the case of the personal effects of a passenger eighteen years old and over may include:

  1. Wines or spirits not exceeding 40 ozs in all, and
  2. Tobacco, not exceeding half a pound; or
  3. Cigars, not exceeding fifty in number; or
  4. Cigarettes, not exceeding two hundred in number;
  5. Goods to the aggregate value of US$250.00 belonging to a passenger, including a passenger under eighteen years old (18) which accompany that passenger, and were acquired abroad by him/her for his personal or household use or as souvenirs or gifts and which the Comptroller is satisfied are not for sale.

Provided that:

Exemption under this item shall not apply to arms and ammunition, except service weapons being carried by a member of an armed force entitled to carry such arms on his person.

Prohibited Imports

Prohibited imports are those items that are considered detrimental to the general welfare of the country. Such imports will be immediately seized by Customs and the importer may be liable to severe penalties.

List of prohibited imports:

Restrictions on Imports and Exports

Restricted Imports

Restricted Exports

Prohibited Exports

Goods the exportation of which is prohibited by any other enactment.

Returning Nationals

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